Sunday, November 04, 2007

2 Port City Road Course ASC/SCCA/NASA cars for sale

1st car: ‘01 PC chassis w/02 GP body: New ZZ4 fast burn motor, VDL carb, rotors, brakes, fuel cell, rebuilt Trans, QC, Pro Butler seat, + more. 2ND car ‘02 chassis 04/MC body: Recent rebuilt ZZ4 FB mtr, New VDL carb, rotors, brakes, shocks, radiator, rebuilt jerico + more. Everything is either new or redone in the last 9 months & only top end parts were used. Only have two races on each. Both cars run 1:41’s at Sears long track, 1:19’s with the chute, 1:24’s at Willow Springs and 1:51’s at Thunderhill. Plus all gears, springs, rims & spares, $19,900 each. 925-577-4655