Sunday, May 11, 2008

Scott Ivie Racing makes their second test of the year with the #74 MSI Development CWS car for the upcoming June 21st NASCAR race at Infineon.

The day started off as any other test day with a complete nut a bolt of the car, heating up of the oil and setting up the chassis.
We headed out around 10:00 AM for our first run of the day. Unfortunately the track decided not run the chute but instead run the traditional configuration with the carousel because of the high demand from the Porsche club that we’d be sharing the track with that day. There were also two other CWS teams out on the track that day the #81 and #25.
We completed our first session with just 6 laps. “I wanted to give it a pretty good shake down before putting the car though a real test” said Scott Ivie, owner and driver of the #74.
After the first session we put on some stickers and started picking up the pace. Just a few laps in we got the brakes dialed in and started working on the chassis. As expected everything felt good with the new sticker tires, however as the track and tires heated up the car started to become tight. “We’re tight, but overall pretty good” was the first thing said back to spotter Terry Ivie as the #74 pulled into the pits.
During the lunch break we decided to do some more testing on the brakes and replaced our rear calipers.
After about 45 minutes or so we were ready for our 3rd session of the day. This session was a bit challenging though because the new rear calipers needed to be dialed in A LOT. We must have made 20 clicks to the front in order to balance out the bias but once it was completed the car was braking deeper with much less heat coming off the rotors.
We finished the day around 3 PM, packed up the car and headed home.
All in all it was a very successful test and we’re looking forward to our 3rd and final practice season June 10th through the 12th.


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