Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scott Ivie Racing pushing for the top in 2011

The 2011 season marks my 5th in the NASCAR K&N SERIES, and the team’s motto this year is “HOLD NOTHING BACK.” In preparation getting the #74 ready for the upcoming season, we have invested heavily in our equipment, personnel and overall morale to strive for a podium finish for each race this year. Some of the changes implemented include beginning the season with our first race at Miller Motor Sport Park in Utah, instead of the Infineon race being the jumping off point for the year. Our team is really looking forward to going back and finishing strong after such a disappointing race last September. While in the 7th with only 11 laps to go we lost the motor and it was a huge disappointment to the team. There had been many changes made to the car and it was just coming together. In June, we will be back out at Infineon for the combination race with the Cup Series. I have always been fond of the scenic northern California venue, and it is one of my favorite places to race. It’s my home track, and I have won several races there including a track record in 2004. I love the huge crowds and the family and friends that show up year after year to give unwavering support, it’s a great weekend with around 130,000 people showing up for the 3 day NASCAR event. Come July, Scott Ivie Racing will be back in Portland which has been a challenging track for the team over the last two years. In 2009 during practice the motor blew and despite a tremendous effort from everyone on the crew getting the back- up motor in and running, the car would not fire at the “start your engines” command. In 2010 after battling brake issues all day at practice, the #74 qualified well. Unfortunately on lap 7, the #81 car spun and we got collected. It wasn’t a very hard impact but it punctured the radiator in multiple places and that ended the race for us. I’m extremely excited to race in Portland again due to the welcoming crowds and devotion to NASCAR the fans exhibit, not to mention I truly enjoys the feel of the track as it complements my competitive driving style. We are truly excited and optimistic for the 2011 NASCAR K&N Series!!! It’s taken dedication, grit and a lot of hard work to get the team where we are, and that is READY TO RACE! See you out there!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scott Ivie in the #74 MSI Development Ford managed to finish 13th in a crash filled frenzy in the Bennett Lane 200

SAN RAMON, California - Despite track temperatures being over 130 degrees and being spun twice in turn 7 Scott Ivie in the #74 MSI Development Ford managed to finish 13th in a crash filled frenzy in the Bennett Lane 200.

Staring 29th I knew we had our work cut out for us. At the time I wasn’t too pleased with our starting spot but I came to realize it was all part of the plan. We set up the car to be there at the end not a car that was only going to be good for 10 laps. That was pretty hard for me to except but that fact is it was a good call.

From the waiving of the green flag and every lap thereafter we made ground as planned; however, on lap 15 while in 23rd place the #7 made an ill advised attempt to pass and punted me in the right rear bumper sending me spinning off in turn 7. I managed to shake it off and made up the spots that I lost but it still set us back.

Then again on lap 39 the #09 got into me sending me spinning in turn 7; however, this time another car, #10, got wrapped up in it as well. With the #10 having nowhere to go he drilled me in my left rear quarter panel. That by far was the hardest hit I‘ve ever taken. Even harder then when I hit the wall in turn 11 in 2006 going about 100 MPH and ending up teetering on the wall.(See Video)

After a few seconds of trying to recover I started it back up, put it back into gear and headed towards the pits. I thought for sure that I was done with that hard of a hit but as I was heading back to the pits the car didn’t feel all that bad.

Once I made it to my pit stall my Crew Chief Pat looked under the car and saw that there was no fluid leaks so he sent me off. At the time I thought “…are you kidding me…how can this car still drive, why are you sending me back out?” However after getting out of the pits and heading back to the race the car, despite a little smoke coming off the tires, felt okay. After the wreck and getting back into the action we only managed to get one lap in before there was a multi-car crash on the front straight which brought out the red flag.

It was now gut check time. With the field being brought to a stop between turn 9 and 10 I really started to feel the effects of the hit, the heat and the lack of water. I tried to get my team on the radio but there was no feed back. At that time I reached back and felt to see if my radio was still connected and it wasn’t. I didn’t know what else to do but unbuckle myself and find the wire to my radio. After searching a couple of minutes I found it and plugged it back in; however, there was still no feed back. I then grabbed the second wire, the one that goes from your ear plugs to the helmet, and it to was disconnected. I couldn’t believe that hit was hard enough to have both connections disconnect. Once I got everything hooked back up I finally got my spotter and Crew Chief on the radio. They asked me how I was doing. As hard it was to admit, I told them not good at all. With no A/C unit and no water I started to wither.

Being more concerned with my safety my spotter, who happens to be my best friend, told me to just come in a get some water after the red flag comes down. This sounded great for a moment but I thought if I came in I would drop back to the end of the line and all the positions I gained and work I’ve accomplished would be for nothing. I then got back on the radio and asked him how many laps to go. “…22…” he said. I told him I’m going to have to make it without water. I didn’t come this far to just give it away with 22 to go.

So I strapped myself back in and was awaiting the yellow flag to come out so we can start moving again. Then it happened, the best site I have ever seen, the Infineon safety crew going by each car handing out water bottles to each driver. I’ll tell you now, that was the best water I have ever had in my life and it saved my ass. Without that water I probably could not have finished the race.

Now feeling revived and ready to compete we went back into action but not for long. It was caution, after caution, after caution, after caution from lap 46 to what happen to be a “Green White Checkered” finish. There were only 7 green laps and people were getting stupid out there. I have been around this track for a while now so I can tell you, 3 wide through the esses DOES NOT WORK. I don’t know if it was the heat or what but people were doing all sort of idiotic maneuvers out there. So reflecting back to what a former West Series Champion told me just before the driver introductions I thought to myself “…You must keep all four corners on the car and survive the race track”. Well, with the unwelcome help of a few drivers I blew the “keep all four corners on the car” so I had one choice left “survive the race track”.

In the end, out of 68 laps only 28 were green so finishing 13th was a big accomplishment.

I would like to thank my family, friends and crew that made this all possible. Without their support making this race could not have happened.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Scott Ivie Racing makes their second test of the year with the #74 MSI Development CWS car for the upcoming June 21st NASCAR race at Infineon.

The day started off as any other test day with a complete nut a bolt of the car, heating up of the oil and setting up the chassis.
We headed out around 10:00 AM for our first run of the day. Unfortunately the track decided not run the chute but instead run the traditional configuration with the carousel because of the high demand from the Porsche club that we’d be sharing the track with that day. There were also two other CWS teams out on the track that day the #81 and #25.
We completed our first session with just 6 laps. “I wanted to give it a pretty good shake down before putting the car though a real test” said Scott Ivie, owner and driver of the #74.
After the first session we put on some stickers and started picking up the pace. Just a few laps in we got the brakes dialed in and started working on the chassis. As expected everything felt good with the new sticker tires, however as the track and tires heated up the car started to become tight. “We’re tight, but overall pretty good” was the first thing said back to spotter Terry Ivie as the #74 pulled into the pits.
During the lunch break we decided to do some more testing on the brakes and replaced our rear calipers.
After about 45 minutes or so we were ready for our 3rd session of the day. This session was a bit challenging though because the new rear calipers needed to be dialed in A LOT. We must have made 20 clicks to the front in order to balance out the bias but once it was completed the car was braking deeper with much less heat coming off the rotors.
We finished the day around 3 PM, packed up the car and headed home.
All in all it was a very successful test and we’re looking forward to our 3rd and final practice season June 10th through the 12th.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

2 Port City Road Course ASC/SCCA/NASA cars for sale

1st car: ‘01 PC chassis w/02 GP body: New ZZ4 fast burn motor, VDL carb, rotors, brakes, fuel cell, rebuilt Trans, QC, Pro Butler seat, + more. 2ND car ‘02 chassis 04/MC body: Recent rebuilt ZZ4 FB mtr, New VDL carb, rotors, brakes, shocks, radiator, rebuilt jerico + more. Everything is either new or redone in the last 9 months & only top end parts were used. Only have two races on each. Both cars run 1:41’s at Sears long track, 1:19’s with the chute, 1:24’s at Willow Springs and 1:51’s at Thunderhill. Plus all gears, springs, rims & spares, $19,900 each. 925-577-4655

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


NASCAR Race Number 7
Official Race Results For The BLUE LIZARD SUNCREAM 200 - 06/23/2007
Infineon Raceway - Sonoma, CA - 1.99-mile paved road course
Total Race Length 204 K - 64L - 127 M Purse: $173,199
Fin Str Car Driver Team Laps Points B/Points Total Award Status
1 1 82 David Gilliland Sunrise Ford Ford 64 190 10 $12,000 Running
2 7 24 P.J. Jones Bennett Lane Winery "Maximus" Ford 64 170 6,500 Running
3 3 52 Boris Said Federated Auto Parts Chevrolet 64 170 5 5,000 Running
4 6 62 Eric Holmes Van Dyk Baler/Groove Calif Wines Dodge 64 165 5 4,000 Running
5 20 66 Justin Lofton Lofton Cattle/Cometic/Klotz/Eibach Ford 64 160 5 4,000 Running
6 8 16 Brian Ickler NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet 64 150 5,000 Running
7 24 92 Marc Davis Joe Gibbs Driven Chevrolet 64 146 3,750 Running
8 14 65 Stan Silva, Jr. * A&S Metals/Stan Silva Jr. Trucking Chevrolet 64 142 3,500 Running
9 25 95 Kenny Shepherd Save Mart/Mountain Dew Chevrolet 64 138 2,500 Running
10 5 68 Tom Dyer Cycle Shack/Menards Dodge 64 134 2,250 Running
11 17 8 Johnny Borneman Twisted X Boots/Red Line Oil Ford 64 130 3,500 Running
12 12 5 Eric Hardin Alta Dena Dairy Chevrolet 64 127 2,300 Running
13 23 21 Ryan Foster * Golden Gate Petroleum/RCR Chevrolet 64 124 2,200 Running
14 18 13 Todd Souza Central Coast Manufacturing Chevrolet 64 121 1,600 Running
15 21 06 Kevin O'Connell * Taleo Grill/GEM Chevrolet 64 118 1,500 Running
16 10 9 Mike Duncan Lucas Oil/Ron's Rear Ends Chevrolet 64 115 2,925 Running
17 22 42 Rick Wall * Sports/Puma Dodge 64 112 1,875 Running
18 32 61 Brett Thompson Pets Best Insurance/Suzuki Chevrolet 64 109 2,860 Running
19 30 20 Eric Richardson * Chevrolet 64 106 2,855 Running
20 15 63 Jose Luis Ramirez Rayere/Bad Boy Drink Ford 64 103 1,850 Running
21 27 1 Jim Inglebright Jelly Belly Chevrolet 64 100 2,825 Running
22 13 12 Carlos Contreras Supercuts Dodge 64 97 1,300 Running
23 28 3 Wes Banks Orco Construction Supply Dodge 64 94 1,250 Running
24 9 2 Mike David Bennett Lane Winery Ford 64 91 2,725 Running
25 34 77 Mike Gallegos * Standard Pacific Homes Ford 64 88 2,700 Running
26 38 80 Victor Pfluger Copper State Tire Ford 64 85 1,200 Running
27 26 71 Daryl Harr WestWorld Computers Chevrolet 64 82 1,700 Running
28 11 18 Moses Smith * Hasa Pool Products/White Flyer Chevrolet 63 84 5 1,700 Running
29 4 22 Jason Bowles * Sunrise Ford/Turbo Torq Ford 63 76 2,700 Running
30 35 81 Garland Self * Selco Air Conditioning/Catering by 5 Ford 62 73 1,200 Running
31 33 35 Travis McCullough Flow USA Chevrolet 55 70 1,200 Engine
32 2 10 Joey Logano Joe Gibbs Driven Chevrolet 54 72 5 1,200 Engine
33 16 4 Regan Smith CertainTeed Chevrolet 48 64 1,200 Radiator
34 31 04 Dennis Dyer Southwest Tentant Dvlpmt Ford 45 61 1,200 Overheating
35 19 88 Alex Haase * Motorway El Paso/Kyle Busch Mtrp Chevrolet 33 58 2,700 Engine
36 37 09 Scott Ivie Polly Klass Foundation Chevrolet 24 55 1,200 Engine
37 36 15 Jack Sellers Dutra Group/Lira's Market Chevrolet 13 52 1,700 Oil Leak
38 29 44 Andrew Myers Toyota of Escondido/NEO Toyota 1 49 1,700 Brakes
Race Comments: Prior to the green flag, the following drivers dropped to the rear for the reason indicated: #22 Jason Bowles, #88 Alex Haase (engine change) #95 Kenny Shepherd, #09 Scott Ivie (unapproved adjustments); #12 Carlos Contreras (drivers’ meeting); #44 Andrew Myers (driver option).
Fastest Qualifier: David Gilliland, Time: 77.887 Seconds, Speed: 91.979 MPH
Failed to Qualify: (2) Tom Hubert (#25), Tyler McQuarrie (#51).
Time of Race:2 hrs., 12 mins, 47 secs Average Speed: 57.549 mph Margin of Victory:1.246 Seconds
AERO EXHAUST LAP LEADER AWARD: David Gilliland, 82 Sunrise Ford Ford
BUD POLE AWARD: David Gilliland, 82 Sunrise Ford Ford
POWERADE POWER MOVE OF THE RACE: Marc Davis, 92 Joe Gibbs Driven Chevrolet
SUNOCO ROOKIE OF THE RACE: Stan Silva, Jr. *, 65 A&S Metals/Stan Silva Jr. Trucking Chevrolet
Caution Flags: Laps 7-8 (Debris in Esses); 16-19 (Oil Turn 10); 31-34 (Oil); 40-41 (Car No. 22 spin Turn 11); 45-47 (Cars No. 1, No. 12, No. 13 accident
Turn 11); 50-51 (Cars No. 4 and No. 18 spin Turn 11); 56-57 (Car No. 10 stalled Turn 1); 60-62 (Debris Turn 11). 8 for 22 laps.
Lap Leaders: David Gilliland-grid, Joey Logano 1-2, David Gilliland 3-21, Boris Said 22-27, Eric Holmes 28, Justin Lofton 29, Joey Logano 30, Moses Smith
* 31-34, David Gilliland 35-64.
Total Laps Led: David Gilliland 49, Boris Said 6, Moses Smith * 4, Joey Logano 3, Justin Lofton 1, Eric Holmes 1. 8 changes involving 6 drivers.
Top 10 Driver Points: Mike David 1090, Mike Duncan 1006, Johnny Borneman 966, Justin Lofton 965, Eric Hardin 934, Jason Bowles * 926, Brett
Thompson 918, Ryan Foster * 838, Brian Ickler 833, Alex Haase * 825
* Denotes Sunoco Rookie of the Year Contender

Monday, June 18, 2007

Blue Lizard Suncream 200

Scott Ivie Racing, Inc. will be heading to Infineon this upcoming weekend to compete against some of the top road racers in NASCAR. "I've been looking forward to this race for years now and I'm confident that when the dust settles we'll not only prove that we belong at this level of competition but that we'll be a team to contend with".

Entry list is as follows:
Infineon Raceway June 23, 2007
1. 1 Jim Inglebright, Fairfield Calif. Jelly Belly Chevrolet
2. 2 Mike David, Modesto Calif. Bennett Lane Winery Ford
3. 3 Wes Banks, Oakdale Calif. Orco Construction Supply Ford
4. 04 Dennis Dyer, Palmdale Calif. REF Motorsports Ford
5. 4 Regan Smith, Cato N.Y. Ginn Racing Chevrolet
6. 5 Eric Hardin, Anaheim Calif. Alta Dena Dairy Chevrolet
7. 06 Kevin O'Connell, Newport Beach Calif. Taleo Grim/General Environmental Chevrolet
8. 8 Johnny Borneman, Ramona Calif. Twisted X Boots/Red Line Oil Ford
9. 09 Scott Ivie, San Ramon Calif. Scott Ivie Racing Chevrolet
10. 9 Mike Duncan, Bakersfield Calif. Lucas Oil/Ron's Rear Ends Chevrolet
11. 10 Joey Logano, Middletown Conn. Joe Gibbs Driven Chevrolet
12. 12 Carlos Contreras, Mexico City Mexico Supercuts Dodge
13. 13 Todd Souza, Aromas Calif. Central Coast Manufacturing Chevrolet
14. 15 Jack Sellers, Sacramento Calif. Aramark/Dutra Group Chevrolet
15. 16 Brian Ickler, San Diego Calif. NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet
16. 18 Moses Smith, Tempe Ariz. * Hasa Pool Products/White Flyer Chevrolet
17. 20 Eric Richardson, Bakersfield Calif. * Chevrolet
18. 21 Ryan Foster, Anderson Calif. * Golden Gate Petroleum/RCR Chevrolet
19. 22 Jason Bowles, Ontario Calif. * Sunrise Ford/Turbo Torq Ford
20. 24 P.J. Jones, Torrance Calif. Bennett Lane Winery "Maximus" Ford
21. 25 Tom Hubert, Trinity N.C. Red Line Oil/Sunsweet Growers Ford
22. 29 Scott Lynch, Burley Idaho Jasper Engines/Intertech Dodge
23. 32 Dale Quarterley, Westfield Mass. Carpet One Chevrolet
24. 42 Rick Wall, Irvine Calif. * Ford
25. 44 Andrew Myers, Newport Beach Calif. Toyota of Escondido/NEO Toyota
26. 51 Tyler McQuarrie, Pleasant Hill Calif. Pentair Water Pool & Spa Chevrolet
27. 52 Boris Said, Carlsbad Calif. Federated Auto Parts Chevrolet
28. 61 Brett Thompson, Jerome Idaho Pets Best Insurance Chevrolet
29. 62 Eric Holmes, Escalon Calif. Van Dyk Baler/Bollegraaf Chevrolet
30. 63 Jose Luis Ramirez, Mexico City Rayere/Bad Boy Drink Ford
31. 65 Stan Silva, Jr., Castroville Calif. * A&S Metals/Stan Silva Jr. Trucking Chevrolet
32. 66 Justin Lofton, Westmorland Calif. Lofton Cattle/Cometic/Klotz/Eibach Ford
33. 68 Tom Dyer, Corte Madera Calif. Cycle Shack/Menards Dodge
34. 71 Daryl Harr, St Albert Alberta WestWorld Computers Chevrolet
35. 77 Mike Gallegos, Wheat Ridge Colo. * King Taco Ford
36. 80 Victor Pfluger, Morristown Ariz. TBA Ford
37. 81 Garland Self, San Jose Calif. * Selco Air Conditioning Ford
38. 82 David Gilliland, Riverside Calif. Sunrise Ford Ford
39. 88 Alex Haase, Las Vegas Nev. * Motorway El Paso/Kyle Busch Mtrp Chevrolet
40. 92 Marc Davis, Mitchelville Md. Joe Gibbs Driven Chevrolet
41. 95 Kenny Shepherd, Merced Calif. SaveMart/Mountain Dew Chevrolet
* Denotes Sunoco Rookie of the Year Contender

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Willow Spring Race Summary for March 23rd, 24th and 25th.

After months of rebuilding and tens of thousand of dollars invested both the #47 and #87 Monte Carlos were finally ready for testing.

The first event on the schedule for 2007 would be held at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA. I was really looking forward to the race not only because I wanted to see what these cars and my team were capable of but it was very important to me to defend my track record of 1:24.049.

On Friday’s test day I decided to spend the majority of the time on the #87 and only if we had time and felt that the #87 was close would I spend time in the #47. It started off a little rocky at first struggling a bit with set up and gear selection. However by late afternoon the #87 was working great with times in the upper 26’s. That’s right were I wanted to be. It wasn’t close to my track record however ASC is running a much harder tire than I ran to get the track record. So we decided to call it a night unfortunately that didn’t give us anytime in the #47.

Saturday morning came quickly but we didn’t miss a beat during practice. We were 2nd quick overall and 1st in ASC. I felt good and the car felt good but my Crew Chief Bob Johns wasn’t satisfied and wanted to make the car faster. He made a few more adjustments and we headed of to qualify. Unfortunate we fell a little behind and were late to pre-grid. This proved to be very costly and we were 2nd to last to go out. With over 28 + cars to contend with I never got a clean lap and qualified 5th in ASC and 6th overall. I wasn’t at all happy with the outcome but I like a good challenge and it just gave me more cars to pass.

As the group came through turn 9 getting ready for the green to drop I positioned myself right on the bumper of a Dodge Viper GTS-R. I knew I was going to get walked by the Viper however with all the time and money spent going into the #87’s power plant I was confident that no other ASC would be able to do the same. Boy was I wrong! The green came out and the Viper walked away as anticipated however so did the group of ASC cars in front of me did. Anyways, going into turn 1 and made it up to the bumper of the #25 who qualified 2nd with the #61 in front of him and the #34 right behind me. For several laps all four cars were bumper to bumper but on lap 3 the #25 got past the #61 exiting turn 2 B. With the #61 on my nose and the #25 pulling away I needed to make a move. Exiting turn 1 on lap 5 I got a great run on the #61. Going into turn 2 A the #61 went wide and I went to the inside. However either the #61 didn’t know I was up to his door or he made a bad attempt to close the door but he made contact right behind my FRONT left tire and we drifted off the track. That wasn’t the worst of it though. The #34 got mixed up into it and t-boned me right in the left rear quarter panel. Even though it was a hard hit the #87 was OK. Unfortunately the #34 got the worst of it and was unable to continue as well as the #61. I felt terrible about the #34 because he had nothing to do with it. I got back on the track and continued to race but the car didn’t handle so well. We finished 7th and found out after that the #61 sent it a protest about me for “rough driving”. I really couldn’t believe it. He unsuccessfully tried to close the door when we were side by side and I was to blame? What happened to giving a little room so we can race it out? That’s what we’re here for at least that’s why I’m here. As most who observed it agreed no penalty was accessed.

On Sunday we got a very early start since we had to finish up on some repairs and get the car resent up. But that didn’t slow us down a bit and we were right in the swing of things with a 3rd place qualifying run. However we were forced to start in the back of the entire field due to a penalty I received for passing under a yellow during qualifying. I had a good reason however they didn’t want to hear it.
Starting in the back I came up through turn 9 bunching up tight awaiting the green to drop and I got a great start. By turn 1 I was in 4th behind #25 once again. We raced real hard and clean where in lap 5 I made a pass on the outside exiting turn 2B. We raced close for several more laps until about lap 10 I stated to pull away. From that part forward the car began to tighten up a bit on rights and was very loose on lefts. On lap 17 going into 3 the car spun up the hill to the left. I was a sitting duck waiting for impact. A Protruck coming up the hill either didn’t see the yellow or wasn’t paying attention, hit me head on. The impact was probably less than 10 MPH however the damage was done. Noticing that my hood was coming up I knew that my air-box was badly damage. So instead of taking any chances cooking another motor, I limped back to the pits. We later found out in the pits that my right rear tire was down to 13 pounds of pressure. No wonder the car was so bad.

All and all looking back I was pretty happy with the car. This car came from being completely redone to one of or the fastest spec LEGAL cars out there.

Keep tuned for updates as we shift gears into the Grand National West Series.